VRRadio - Visualization of your radio data in a completely new way

We visualize and connect your radio data sources in a unique way.

Example 1: The „live mode“ visualizes synchronously to the broadcasting system all relevant information of the current broadcasting process. This allows e.g. a corona-conditioned remote moderation into the broadcast studio.

„Livemode“ with synchronous visualization of Radiomax audio slots, intro / end counter and presentation text window.

Example 2: Your music editorial department uses Powergold to carefully plan the music lists of your station in accordance with the rules and transfers them to the Radiomax broadcasting system. The music editors would now like to know whether the presenters are following the specified music list sequence or whether changes have been made. Ideally, a tool would be available that brings together and visualizes the data from Powergold and the broadcasting system, in real time, from anywhere and on almost any device. Wouldn't it be cool if the live data from Powergold and your broadcasting system could simply be superimposed on each other?

You will love VRRadio.

„Compare view“ of Powergold and Radiomax data of the current onair show

VRRadio version 1.0.1 - now available.

Data connection with PowergoldSQL Best integration with Radiomax Can also be connected to systems of other manufacturers (suitable interfaces required)

VRRadio - connects worlds

Ask us about the possible applications in your radio station.